1. They are a fantastic law firm. I quickly researched many lawyers before selecting this firm and they did not disappoint me. They are well connected in area, ask smart questions and achieve the best possible outcome. I cannot recommend them high enough.

Jamie Wilson

2. I was charged out with 2 identity theft felonies so I contacted this firm and they talked to me immediately, no waiting. They told me about what should I expect, how much will it cost, and he’ll put 100 percent of his energy in getting me off even without a record. They did an amazing work and stayed on the top of everything he did. Hard work, passion and dedication is all what you can anticipate from them.

Vesi Mircheva

3. The lawyer from this firm was hands on ever since the very first phone call we had. He right away answered and explained whatever we were actually dealing with. He already knew it’d be a difficult case but he assured to put all his energy in it. He got me deferred prosecution. This case was certainly not a simple one and took longer than expected but he was competent to present me in court in a well written, amazing way. If you're also looking for an exceptional lawyer who is zealous about his work and keeps his words, this firm is the one to contact.

Stuart Litwack